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Wi-Fi & Cellular Issues

You’re not alone. Many homeowners are experiencing your same frustrations during quarantine. Cellular networks & most Wi-Fi services weren’t built for this much usage at home. The good news is that we’re fixing these issues daily.

Are You Experiencing the Following Frustrations?

  • Slower than usual internet speeds
  • Frequent dropped calls
  • Buffering video
  • Long file download times
  • Slow Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home or outside your house


Your Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection is Slow…

  • Your Internet Service Provider isn’t fast enough
  • You have too many devices connected
  • You have too many devices running at once
  • Wi-Fi & Cellular signals are blocked

With more family at home together, we find the concurrent use of cell phones, tablets, computers and streaming devices is causing bandwidth issues.

These are all common issues that we are able to resolve quickly, day in and day out.



“Their response time was great, especially under the current circumstances. Team ALIST is excellent, so polite and knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend them to resolve Wi-Fi and cellular issues at home”



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