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Harrison’s experience in the high-end custom technology industry began in 1998, coinciding with consumer access to affordable HDTV, flat panel screens and high speed internet.

Over the past 19 years Harrison has encountered dozens of new technologies, standards and formats in the smart home technology market.  These new technologies have included projectors, screens, wired and wireless internet, intercom, phone systems, gate entry systems and many other systems for custom homes. Being continually faced with new products has given Harrison the unique ability to focus on projects with changes and upgrades anticipated and planned for far in advance. Having served some clients for almost 19 years, Harrison is acutely aware that property owners desire to minimize the impact of the installation of new systems.  Therefore, the Team ALIST team prepares each client’s home to readily adapt to future technology upgrades.

“We specialize in and pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. We plan ahead for technology and design changes far into the future. We try to have same day or next day service when we are called for any issue that may arise. We are proactive in that we will ensure everything is thought through, from providing extra batteries for a remote control to recommending new service providers that offer better service or better value. Our commitment to our customers is always doing what we say, on time, and on or under budget with no surprises or costly change orders.”


Glenn brings to Team ALIST thirty-two years of experience as an audio visual technician and foreman for both residential and commercial projects. He has expertise in all aspects of audio, video, voice, data and security systems. In residential and commercial new construction, retrofits and remodels, Glenn has meticulously completed and overseen project components from wiring to installation to maintenance and repairs. Glenn excels at analyzing, troubleshooting and resolving complex system problems and is consistently commended for his client service focus.

“I have worked with many of my clients for my entire thirty-two years in this field. They have come to trust and rely on me for my honest opinions and know that I will accomplish the job to their specifications. They enjoy the familiarity I have with their homes or businesses and know that I only have the best of intentions for their project. I believe in doing things right the first time.”


Justin has been constructing and repairing homes and a host of items used in homes and offices for much of his life. His career began in the military where he built homes for the Navy servicemen and women in Iraq, Washington, California and Japan and for 7 years. The following 13 years he provided services for commercial products at Ecolabs. In 2020 Justin joined Team ALIST where he has been applying his creative and practical construction skills on site for most of our clients. He also serves on our wiring and equipment installation team. Justin is our guy on site when clients are installing or updating their fiberoptics, installing and applying all of the right fittings to ensure it works seamlessly.

When Justin is not at Team ALIST, you can find him at his family-owned ice cream store, Wicked Slush, in Novato or cheering for one of his children in their endeavors.


Office Manager

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“We provide custom solutions to common problems that homeowners experience. Our business is not one size fits all…it’s based on a deep understanding of how our customers operate, what their goals are, and maximizing and leveraging our vast knowledge and experience to provide each customer with a unique solution that fits them perfectly. We pride ourselves on our work and provide a responsive team to tackle any problems that come up as soon as they do.”

Team ALIST’s support staff includes a dedicated team of administrative and operations specialists.

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